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 Founding of a village!!!

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Tenrai Kokorozashi
Tenrai Kokorozashi

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PostSubject: Founding of a village!!!   Wed Jul 16, 2008 9:29 am

it was a dark night...the blood red moon shone through the clouds...clusters of bats flew through the night...the councel has just been defeated!!! there all dead says the lead vampire with a grin on his face...the young vampire opens his eyes instantly captureing the head vampire in his glare...strikeing fear into his verry heart...the nobel begines to the young vampire walks forward towards the vampire....shiro....i can read your thoughts your heart your soul...i can not forgive you for what you have done...for killing my family my wife...i will destroy you...not realiseing whats lurkeing behind him a cursnik the cursnik drives a demon blade into the naru hazashii the vampire breaks the hypnosis put apon shiro....he runs fearing his life along with the cursnik...un-abel to persue sumizome and shiro the vampire god sits....mourning the loss of everything that ment something to he thinks about his revenge...he constructs a village named after those he's sworn to kill so he may never forget their names...sumizome shiro.
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Founding of a village!!!
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