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 The Story Of The Aisukai Village and Leader

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The Story Of The Aisukai Village and Leader Empty
PostSubject: The Story Of The Aisukai Village and Leader   The Story Of The Aisukai Village and Leader Icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2008 5:29 am

Mayutsuki Kuroyuki was born in the prosperous village of Ice, Aisukai in the middle of a harsh winter. The moon was red and the snow that fell gleamed black in the night around the small cabin outside of the main village. The small babe that was born that night was part neko and marked with a black snowflake on her cheek, marking her as the last of her clan. Many tried to kill her as a small child, saying she was a curse to the clan and the village saying she would bring the ruin of the clan. At the age of four her mother died and her father exiled her from the village and told her to leave before he killed her. Thus by the age four she was abandoned and all alone.

Having nowhere to go, she just walked around the country aimlessly, starving and unable to fend for herself. One night she was laying in the cold snow, too weak to move from starvation and dehydration, a huge white wolf appeared looking for a quick meal. She looked at it and glared half-heartedly. Facing death by this beautiful creature, a curious power flowed through her and she got up as a black and icy blue chakra flowed around her, her eyes filled with the rage at the injustice brough on her poor soul. Her perfect home ruined by a black mark on her cheek, which she now hid. A blade appeared in her hand and she ran towards the wolf and fought for her very cursed existance. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she killed the wolf and began to hungrily feed on it. The next day she was found by a scout from the Hizaki clan and taken back to their village.

She trained under the leader of the clan and was raised as his daughter. She grew strong and very powerful as a ninja, dedicating her abilities to protecting her new home from any danger. She always hid her birthmark and she never forgot where she came from, though at times she almost could. There she met a guy who she soon fell in love with. They were married within a year. Everything was wonderful untill tragedy befell the clan and it was slaughtered by a group of superbeings. Mayu barely escaped with her life. She started going by her pet name given to ber by her now deceased husband, Neko-Hime. She returned to her origional home, Aisukai. What she saw there was shocked her. The entire village had been destroyed befpre she arived. The bood stained the snow, the dismembered bodies being eaten by wild animals.

As she looked, not a single creatured lived, All the people and their animals lay dead as if some giant force had eradicated the village. Slowly, she walked to where her home was, not seeing even a spot of blood on the ground, There was no remnants of her home. Neko cried over the destruction of the people who despised her and as time went by, she began to rebuild the village into one that would be better than it was before. She traveled to other places and trained in different places. Along her journey, she heard that Kataishin, her adopted son from the Hizaki clan was still alive. She devoted her time to trying to find him and running the new Aisukai Village. She has now found him and is the Kage of her village. She has sworn to protect the last heir of the Hizaki clan and to protect the memory of her own lost clan. She is still a mystery to all who know her, for she is Mayutsuki Kuroyuki...
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The Story Of The Aisukai Village and Leader
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