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 Angels Leader story

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Tenrai Kokorozashi
Tenrai Kokorozashi

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PostSubject: Angels Leader story   Angels Leader story Icon_minitimeFri Jul 11, 2008 11:42 am

I was the leader of hell.... i changed it into a safehold proteting those i cared for.... i had a small family giving off one kid.... i ws thrown from my rule when i was biten by a cursed vampire and i escape when everyone even my wife went insane and tried to kill me... i died 100 years later hiding in my own sorrow... Now i have ben reborn into a clan started by my son... to get revenge for hells betrayal of there once glorious leader. i was now a Hizaki.... One day my village came under attack.. that was when i noticed not only i was reborn... but the vampires curse followed my legacy and got back at me.... That day our village was destroyed leaving me to fend off the the intruders.. i escaped.. the only one left of the Hizaki clan... im all alone.. but i haven been adopted by my loving mother Neko ^_^! and i have made friends too
I started Angels to make a new beginning and to protect this world! study
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Angels Leader story
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