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 the birth of a leader!!

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Tenrai Kokorozashi
Tenrai Kokorozashi

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PostSubject: the birth of a leader!!   Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:17 am

60 million years ago...the son of a vampire nobel was born...thought to be a god send..a savior of the the age of 8 this young full blooded vampire was trained vigorously in the dark arts required to become a dark evening a clan memeber betrayed the others and killed all the nobels. The young vampire was taken in by this corupt crussader. When this young vampire became of age he was taught things he should not have been taught,after realiseing his mistake this young vampire was disgraced by all that he had and was robbed of his spouse and casted into the fires of hell. Knowing the potential and the undiscoverd powers 200 years later the vampire raises up from the flames with blood lust and vengence. He spent years and years planning his revenge waiting for the opportune moment to strike and to take the life of those who forsaked him. With his almost demon power and godly vampyric capabilty along with an ancient blood line this young vampire now still reighns in seaking the vengence he sworn the very day he was hurt, hurt so badley that he no longer posses a heart,with the loss of his love and the loss of all he had worked for, he still reighns,and waits till the opportune moment!!!
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the birth of a leader!!
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