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 kage orders

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Tenrai Kokorozashi
Tenrai Kokorozashi

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PostSubject: kage orders   Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:54 am

greetings i am your vampire village will be my kingdom...and as a kingdom we work together...if you are from vampyric decendents you have an automatic key in my kingdom...

1) show respect to your fellow villager

2) no whining about how this village is run i do everything for the best im not an idiot (got probs refer to kata)

3) i will most definatley not tolerate any of my villagers slandering up the chat box DO NOT!!! use any thing above pg-13 minor and non repeated cussing will be overlooked but if it continues i will not hesitate to ban you

4) be curtiouse to those around you i cannot stress this enough we dont need more emo's (do we have emo's) and if you think your hardcore by threatening people online welll sadly your not so get a life and threaten the two yr old down the street maybe you'll feel tough then

This village is a haven for my vampyric bretheren any one who despises vampires or thinks its stupid....DONT join...we are family and thats how you will treat eachother

besides that enjoyyyyyyy (^vv^)/") rawr!!!!
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kage orders
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